We have set the following focal points for our new products: 

  • DIM- and BLACK-OUT room-high decorative fabrics
  • Acoustic decorative fabrics
  • Printed DIM-OUT
  • Consumptive, cross-striped decorative fabrics
  • Combination hanger country house style with checks and coordinating plains
  • Room-high deco burnout
  • Two embroidered decorative fabrics
  • A variety of woven curtains in different qualities
  • Trendy printed woven curtains
  • Room-high sheer curtains with various designs and in many colours
  • Modern burnout curtains
  • Many embroidered curtains in a wide variety of designs and on different basic fabrics: Macrame, allover, crank embroidery
  • Flame retardant decorative fabrics in room height and coordinating curtains in a wide range of colours

Many of our articles are "Made in Germany"!

We are at your disposal for any further questions!